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Ashwagandha Tree Ashwagandha Roots Ashwagandha India
Ashwagandha Tree Ashwagandha Roots Ashwagandha India
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About us ...

NATURE NATURAL, officially started its operations in USA in 2017. It is step forward to reach the market direct, and be near the market, for its parent company BIOSOURCING from India.

All our operations are in India, and NATURE NATURAL represent all these operations and products, in USA. It provides an direct window, to pure and certified organic products from India.

Organic Farming
The search for pure organic herbs and ingredients let us to "Organic Farming", and collaboration with farmers. After three years of conversion and farming, our farmers and their fields got its first organic certification in 2006, and there onwards our farmer base and organic land base has been increasing @ rate of 300-500 farmers per year.

Organic Processing
Our business model has developed, in and around the needs of quality requirement; we realized in order to maintain high quality, all our products have to under-go strict and controlled processing. We started our full scale production unit, in 2007, to ensure that the quality during processing is maintained as per the international norms.

The processing unit is also certified as GMP by government of India.

Quality Control Lab
With the production unit going full swing, we set our eyes on putting up a state-of-art quality testing lab. The in-house quality lab, with facilities to test pesticide & fertilizer residue, heavy metals, micro-biological content, has helped us to ensure that none of our product has ever been rejected. The LAB is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Its has also been approved and certified by Government of from India in USA, and its various regulatory authority.

Retail Packaging & Private Label Manufacturing
We have a extended packaging unit, to provide private label manufacturing, in various packaging. And now with vita packaging systems with facilities of CO2 and N2 flushing, we completed our end to end control over the value chain.

Our website, has brought many foreign clients, to us, and from their bulk orders, we have grown slowly and steadily from one small store, to now a bulk exporter, and from Mar 2009, we have move up one step further as "Private Label Manufacturer". We do the entire value chain, farming, post harvest; processing, quality testing, retail packing and the brand owners do the marketing. Brands made in our facilities have now found place in many international market.

Our complete control over the value chain, has given tremendous price and quality advantage to our clients.

Our product lines have been well defined by combination of the products, which our organic farmers grow, and the demands of our customer. And today we have matured into products lines, like, Organic Spices, Organic Cashew, Organic Peanuts, Organic Herbal Teas, Organic Herbal Beauty Products, Organic Herbal Health Supplements.

These developments re-defined our business model as "From Farm to Retail".

Fair Trade
We have put strong fair trade practices into our farming and procurement module, thanks to modern day laptops and internet connectivity. Our farming manager and procurement people, have to follow the e-enabled systems, all the data and information is captured in our central server. The good aspect of implementing fair trade system is 100% traceability as the outcome.

Social Team and Social Responsibility
We are a young team with varied experience, at large multinational companies from background like Ayurveda, finance, software, sales and farming, and with lot of values towards sustainable agriculture, environment friendly, social responsibility, business ethics, integrity and clear communication. We love the idea that, our business is for a good cause, and is enabling more income for our farmers.

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