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Ashwagandha Tree Ashwagandha Roots Ashwagandha India
Ashwagandha Tree Ashwagandha Roots Ashwagandha India
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Organic Farming, trough NATURE NATURAL, in India

NATURE NATURAL represents 100s of "TRIBAL FARMERS", from INDIA. Most of then are traditionally, by default "ORGANIC", especially because they cannot afford fertilizers and have never used chemical fertilizer and pesticide. The still consider them as "Poisons", which could destroy their land, and make their children ill. Thanks to the same, implementing modern organic Practices has been so easy in those places.

Our Offer...

  • Cost Friendly - Our organic products do not cost more than their conventionally produced counterparts. Even though the organic practices are more expensive, we are not exorbitant, because when you consider our direct model "FARM TO RETAIL PACK", they price advantage is extraordinary, as all the middle-men are gone.
  • Natural Source - Tribal Land of India. Our products are from the tribal peoples who live next to the nature, and are traditionally organic. The natural springs, the forest cover, the organic manure all add up to the puerest organic food and herbs.
  • Direct farm Produce - We get for you organic product, to any corner of this world, direct from our 100s of dedicated farmers.

  • Organic Aspect...
    When we started farming organically, a system which we believe offers many common-sense answers to the problems facing agriculture, the food industry and our environment. Organic standard embrace all aspects of farming system most especially quality, sustainability and food safety. We believe that for our future health and well being, it is the way forward.

    Quality Assurance & Care...
    One of the area in which we place a tremendous emphasis is quality control, sanitation and handling to ensure an exceptionally pure end product. There are a number of factors that contribute to our clean, pure end product. It starts in the field, with the growers to processing and then for packaging.

    Our organic foods are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fumigants. They meet worldwide standards that include avoiding the use of genetically-modified or chemically treated seeds, using non chemical farming methods to sustain soil quality and avoiding specific chemical additives during processing.

    Our philosophy :
    People who choose to "go organic" do so for many reasons than just the price of product. Organic food delivers quality, fibre, safety, diet and human nutrition in an environmentally, socially and economically manner.

    "Standardisation of term "Organic" coupled with a sharp look at total quallity management at farm level is increasing the popularity of our food".

    Being Organic :-

    Benefit to Land :
    • Soil, being a living organism, loves to cooperate when it comes to farming or gardening. A green thumb is prone to appear on those who ally themselves with its requirements for health.
    • It improves Soil Capillarity.
    • Soil erosion, Percolation also controlled.
    • PH of the Soil will remain Neutral. (PH 6 to 7).
    • Improves microbial activity of micro organism and macro organism in Soil.
    • Water Holding Capacity also increased.
    • Soil becomes Light, Soil aeration also increased.
    Organic Manure Used :
    • Farmyard Manure
    • Organic Compost
    • Compost from dry Leaves
    • Compost Water Plant
    • Vermi Compost
    • Green Manure
      • Azolla
      • Blue Green Algae
    • Bio -Fertilizer
      • Azospirillum
      • Azotobactor
      • Acetobactor
      • Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria.
    Organic Pesticides and Herbicides used :
    • Neem Oil
    • Derris elliptica oil
    • Ocimum basilicum oil
    • Beauveria bassiana
    • Metarhizium anisopliae
    • Pseudomonas
    • Trichoderma Viride
    Herbicides (Weed Control)
    • Mulching
    • Manually

    Who are working with us :
    Not much has changed in the life-style of the tribes over the centuries and so is their agricultural practises.All these will change only through the dedicated Organisation lead by pinoneers in Agriculture who are the guiding torch to our ancestorial Organic Agricultural practises with scientific modification and modulation introduction of eco-friendly organic fertilisers, herbicides, enforcing traditional methods with techno-know-how and most of all is our empathy to bring forth a profitable yeild and standarised quality assurance to the products. It is only these Organisations who are the heart to our vision to lead the path to Globalise the indigenious Organic certified Agricultural products to our customer on his/her plate.

    Our working Model :

    1. Sharing The benefits.
    2. Generate employment
    3. Poverty alleviation
    4. Extension of Organic farming with scientific approach.
    5. Production of quality, value added argricultural products.
    6. Minimizing the exploitation of traders through inculcating feelings of self-confience and self-reliance amonge the tribals.
    7. Promoting the usage of herbicide and vermicompost for farming Organically.

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